Moltrechti’s Green Tree Frog

Moltrechti’s Green Tree Frog (Rhacophorus moltrechti Boulenger, 1908) is the most widespread species of tree frog in Taiwan. Ranging from the north of the island to the south, it can be found in low-elevation forests, orchards, cultivated land, and in mountain coniferous forests up to an altitude of 2000m. 

Moltrechti’s green tree frogs have a round and tapered head, a short snout, and adhesive discs on the fingers and toes. Their irises and inner thighs are orange, and they have black spots covering their bellies and ventral thighs. The color of their dark green back varies in shade according to the environment. Moltrechti’s green tree frogs are small-to-medium sized frogs, with the males ranging from 4 to 4.5cm long and the females ranging from 4.5 to 5.5cm long. The vocal sacs of male frogs are darker due to frequent distention. During the breeding season, these arboreal frogs will gather near the waters and croak incessantly. Depending on their distribution, the breeding season can span almost the entire year: The frogs in northern and northeastern Taiwan breed in spring and summer; the frogs in central and southern Taiwan breed in summer and ball; the frogs in moist mountainareas such as Sitou breed throughout the year. After mating, females will lay white foamy egg masses in still pools of water from which the tadpoles will hatch in about a fortnight.
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