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Procession of Baishatun Matsu Pilgrimage ─Pilgrimage Period Arrangement

~~ Overview ~~
Among all Matsu pilgrimages held in Taiwan, the Baishatun Matsu Pilgrimage is rather special. When compared with other Matsu pilgrimages with well-planned and well-organized itineraries, the Baishatun Matsu Pilgrimage process at the deity’s will. Therefore, there is neither an itinerary nor a route. Also, walking throughout the pilgrimage is emphasized.

On 15th of the twelfth lunar month, the burner master will draw the wooden divinatory blocks to ask for Matsu’s approval of the upcoming pilgrimage’s agenda, including the month, the day and the hour of the departure, the pilgrimage, and the return.

~~ Pronouncement of Pilgrimage ~~

The pilgrimage notice is posted one month before the pilgrimage. As the pilgrimage route differs every year, no clear notice can be made. Therefore, the notice is posted only in common stops.


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