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Procession of Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage ─Sedan Chair Mounting and Departure

Peace Praying Ceremony
The agenda of the annual pilgrimage is reported to Matsu through reciting sutras and the prayer memorials, praying for the peace of pilgrims and believers joining the pilgrimage. The ceremony is usually held at an auspicious hour (3 p.m. in general) one day before the departure.

Also in that afternoon, pilgrim groups participating in the incense offering or seeing off Matsu will arrive at the temple for the ceremony. These include parades, believers from other temples, and deity worship associations. When night falls, the first, second, third and last ritual groups will worship Matsu one after another and prepare for departure.

Mounting Ceremony
This is a ceremony inviting Matsu to mount her sedan chair. The mounting ceremony is usually held immediately after the peace praying ceremony. The deity statues and ritual instruments that have been taken out previously will be placed inside the sedan chair in the ovation and witness of believers.
Departure Ceremony.

This is a ceremony inviting Matsu to set out on the pilgrimage.The temple directors, temple supervisors and guests will offer incense and bow in front of Matsu’s grand sedan chair. Then, after setting off the warning firecrackers at the temple square, Matsu’s sedan chair team will lift up the sedan chair, setting out on the pilgrimage.


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