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Auricularia auricula (Hook.) Underw (木耳)

Scientific Name: Auricularia auricula (Hook.) Underw
Chinese name: 木耳


~~ Macroscopic description ~~
1 week growth: Colony radius 12-13 mm. Mat white. Advancing zone even. Aerial mycelium absent. 2 wk growth: Colony radius 32-34 mm. Mat white. Advancing zone even. Aerial mycelium slightly pellicular. 3 wk growth: Colony radius 53-57 mm. 4 wk growth: Plates partly covered. 6 wk growth: Plates covered. Mat white. Aerial mycelium pellicular, occasionally with cottony balls. Odor earthy. Agar unchanged. Not fruiting.

Hyphal system monomitic. Advancing hyphae colorless, 1-2.5 μm diam., thin-walled, simple-septate. Aerial hyphae colorless, clamps difficult to find, 1-2 μm diam., thin- to thick-walled, sparsely branched. .Submerged hyphae colorless, 1.5-3 μm diam., thin-walled, clamps difficult to find, moderately branched. Crystals in the agar.

~~ Oxidase reactions ~~
Oxidase reactions
GAA: (+), 0; (+), 0. TAA: -, 0; -, 0. TYA: -, 19-23; - (lightly brown), 53-56.

Species code:
2a, 3i, 7, 32, 36, 38, 44-45, 51, 54.

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