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The Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council Records

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This object was derived from the Collection of the Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council. Its original is now preserved at the Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council. The archived files note that according to the interpretation of the No. 718 telegraph from the civil administration of the Ministry of the Interior, substitutes were allowed to fill the vacant positions in the provincial, city, or county councils when councilors were absent when they where embroiled, missing, sentenced to custody, or even wanted after the 228 Incident in 1947, so as to maintain proper council function.

Dated from 1946 to 1951, the collection is comprised of 4,572 cases. According to the type of public affairs defined by the Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council, the archived documents were classified into eight categories: general administration, civil administration, finance, education, economic planning and development, directorate-general of budgeting, accounting and statistics, proposal, and interrogation. The record group includes governmental correspondence related to personnel administration, self-governance, land administration, conscription, judicature, inspection, transportation and communications, agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry, accounting and taxation, public administration, business and finance, national security, police and military affairs, health, civil and hydraulic engineering, civilization, people's petition, diplomatic politics, budget, and motion interrogation, among others. The archive provides extremely valuable historical data for research on the changes in both Taiwanese people's representative bodies at all levels and the reforms of self-governing implementation.

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