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Tibia fusus (長鼻鳳凰螺)
1. Favors soft mud in the deep sea as habitat.
2. Shell shape: a thick shell, very long and slender, with a very high, sharp spire. The whorls that protrude and the sutures are deep, with the whorls that formed earlier having longitudinal ribs and spiral lines, while the rest are worn smooth. The bottom of body layers also has spiral lines. The lip of the axis has thick slides, and the shell mouth has five finger-like extensions. The anterior siphonal canal is long and straight or slightly bent, and its length equals 1/3 of the spiral length. The posterior siphonal canal is short and curves backward. Shell color: light brown to deep brown, occasionally with dark stripes. The aperture and the lip of the axis are white in color.


Digital Archives Project of Mesogastropoda mollusks, National Taiwan Museum