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Tutufa bubo (大白蛙螺)

1. Inhabits coral reefs found between the low tide zone and sub-tidal zone.
2. This specimen is marked with the Japanese characters お?きにし, meaning “assembled in the 18th year of the Showa period.”
3. The body of the shell is bloated, with a medium-sized spire. Every whorl has two longitudinal expanded ribs, with 6-8 solid blunt tubercles between them. The body whorls are decorated with spiral ribs that have small tubercles and thinner sub-spiral ribs. The shell opening is extremely wide with a short and wide anterior siphonal canal water trench. The posterior siphonal canal on the upper rim of shell is short, deep and wide open. The end of the outer lip thickens and is without denticles; a great number of small folds can be found on the spiral axis. The shell is milky white, covered in brown spots and stripes while the aperture is solid white.


Digital Archives Project of Mesogastropoda mollusks, National Taiwan Museum