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The Small Golden Placard of the Civil Palace Examination in 1847

Tags: Civil Palace Examination | documents | Golden Placard

The ranking placard was known as the "Golden Placard," on which the names of successful examinees of the Civil Palace Examination were written. The placard was produced in two different sizes. The Small Golden Placard was a smaller version of the Large Golden Placard which was prepared specifically for imperial inspection. This particular Golden Placard documents the names, ranks, and birth places of two hundred and thirty-one Jinshi, including Zhang Zhiwan (who won first place). The placard also displays the names of Shen Guifen (ranked 8), Li Hongzhang (ranked 36), Shen Baozhen (ranked 39), Guo Songtao (ranked 60) of the second tier, and Ma Xinyi (ranked 6) and Zhu Ciqi (ranked 114) of the third tier, all of whom were important figures of late Imperial China.

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica