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The Three Homing Stars (三星歸位)
Like Combining the Six Worthies, The Three Homing Stars is a lock puzzle categorized as a block puzzle game. It too applies the principle of mortise and tenon joints to form a complete unit without requiring any nails or adhesives. Mortise and tenon joints are a unique feature of ancient Chinese carpentry, and they can be traced as far back as the Hemudu Culture.
 The popular Lu Ban lock puzzle was likewise developed from the mortise and tenon technique in Chinese carpentry. While Combining the Six Worthies is the most famous lock puzzle, The Three Homing Stars is the easiest of its kind to solve. It is composed of only one piece at each of the three axes, so it is termed a 1-1-1 lock puzzle. Combining the Six Worthies, on the other hand, is a 2-2-2 puzzle.
Each Three Homing Stars puzzle has three components: two c-shaped pieces, and one piece shaped like an O. Each of the three axes is filled with one component. The puzzle requires a player to follow a certain sequence to find the proper position for each component.
In its simplicity, The Three Homing Stars differs greatly from Combining the Six Worthies, which is difficult to assemble but easy to dissect. Without knowing the proper knack, it can be difficult to separate The Three Homing Stars.

National Digital Archives Program—UEPlay Digital Museum - Intellectual Games, Department of Plastic Design (Graduate Program of Toy and Game Design), National Taipei University of Education