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Plank door
Contrary to ancient ones, more recent household plank doors of the Paiwan tribe are lumber-assembled, particularly within the region between Chunri to Shizi township— the so-called reed houses with turtle-shell-shaped roofs. Since eaves are below the ground, entering the gate requires following the tunnel down the stairs from the frontcourt. The plank doors are thick and substantial, necessary for defense as independent units, on which the sculpture art naturally reaches its full potential. The appearance of this work features typical characteristics of the people in Chunri township, e.g. round eyes, upward arms, strong legs, outward feet, and eyes with white magnetic pieces or shells embedded, as well as sculptures of human heads in blank areas and triple-adjoined cups for concurrent drinking, among others. All of these are emblematic of this region.

Traditional Art and Works of the Paiwan tribe in Pingtung County, Chang Jung Christian University