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Ambulyx ochracea 鷹翅天蛾

Records of this species have been found in Taiwan, Japan, China, and South Korea. The place of origin of its type specimens is Tochigi, in Honshu, Japan. There are no formal records of the host plant in Taiwan. However, there have been records with the Anacardiaceae family and the Juglandaceae family as host plants abroad. The imago of this species has a pair of dark mottles on both sides of its sixth notum. The male has dark mottles on the eighth notum but not the female. There is a large round speck between Cu1 and Cu2 of the forewings, and a small black spot on the discal cell. Near the posterior tip, there is a large black-brown spot, below which are irregular black streaks.



Type Specimen and Literature Digital Archive Project for Taiwan Macrolepidoptera