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Memorial Tablet at Ankang to the Filial Liao Jiao
Liao Jiao was born in 1903, in Ankang Village (in today’s Wen-Shan District of Taipei City) during the Japanese colonial period. The circumstances of her family were extremely unfortunate, with her father Liao Hanzhu, her mother Li Jing, and her paternal grandmother Cai, all being blind, an elder sister who was mute, and two younger brothers who needed to be taken care of. Life was extremely difficult for her. Yet Liao Jiao was never frustrated. Instead, she tried every effort to improve her life. She has achieved excellence in school, showing diligence and great commitment to her studies. When not attending school, she would go to a nearby hill to gather firewood or take odd jobs to contribute to the family income. She has earned praise and respect from people throughout the neighborhood.
One day in 1915, she was crushed by a falling tree when gathering firewood after school. She was seriously injured that she passed away several days later at the age of thirteen. On December 2 that year, the Civil Administrator of the Governor-General of Taiwan issued public praise for Liao Jiao and erected a monument honoring her at the Ankang Public School. On April 8, 2002, her monument was designated as a county historical site, securing her a place in history.

Digital Archives of Historical Architecture in New Taipei City


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