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The Grave of Dr. George Leslie Mackay

The grave of Dr. George Leslie Mackay lies in a quiet and secluded cemetery on the campus of Tam-Kang Senior High School. Dr. Mackay’s family and many disciples were also buried in the same graveyard, which was originally a burial site for foreign troops stationed at Tamsui.
After Dr. Mackay’s death on June 2, 1901, Mackay’s family, in accordance with Dr. Mackay’s will, erected a small wall to separate his grave from the neighboring graves of other foreigners. This action was to express Dr. Mackay’s wish to be identified as a Taiwanese. The reverse side of his tombstone is inscribed with regular script (Kaishu) calligraphy. His wife’s grave, following the Taiwanese tradition that left is for men and right is for women, lies to his right. Outside the cemetery is an arched brick gate from which Dr. Mackay’s grave can be viewed.

Digital Archives of Historical Architecture in New Taipei City