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Varicorhinus alticorpus Specimen

Tags: Deep-Body Shovelnose Minnow | fish | Sharp-Jaw Barbel | Varicorhinus alticorpus

Varicorhinus alticorpus, also known as Deep-Body Shovelnose Minnow or Sharp-Jaw Barbel, is categorized as a primary division freshwater fish. It is found in the middle or up-streams with rocks and large, rapid water flow. Feeds on algae on the surface of rocks and aquatic insects. It is an endemic species in Taiwan. Distributed in streams in southern and eastern Taiwan; found in Zengwun River, Gaopin River, Beinan River, Siouguluan River, and Hualien River. Edible, but is now on the conservation list due to its declining population. Classified by the Council of Agriculture as an endangered species on August 4, 1989. IUCN status: Endangered A1acde 1996/8/1. (Archived by Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica)


Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica