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Picture Album of Cherry Blossom 櫻花圖譜

The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. Naturally it becomes one of the favorite plants that the Japanese research, breed, and make illustrations of. Picture Album of Cherry Blossom was compiled by the botanist and also a Doctor of Science Manabu Miyoshi (1961~1939). The book contains records of all known species of cherry blossom in Japan, along with color plates drawn by Junkichi Sato and Ikuma Nishino. It comes with a supplement titled Sakura—Japanese Cherry, which describes the history of hanami (the viewing of cherry blossom) and introduces famous hanami spots and species of the flower.

Manabu Miyoshi was one of the pioneering scholars in the studies of natural history. He made great contributions to the botanical studies in Japan and was a strong advocate of natural monuments. His book, Notes on Botany, published in 1899, was regarded as a must-read during the Meiji Period when the study of science was vibrant in Japan, and left a lasting influence on the botanical community in Japan. He published several dissertations addressing the importance of natural monuments and helped draw up guidelines for preservation. As to his specialty on botanical research, Manabu Miyoshi is known as the foremost Japanese scholar in the studies of cherry blossom and calamus. Some even praised him as the world’s foremost cherry blossom specialist. The method and the style adopted in compiling this Picture Album of Cherry Blossom built upon the tradition of the sakura atlas published during the Edo Period. As many as 118 species of cherry blossom are recorded in the book, each containing its scientific name for convenient referencing. The illustrations display elevated aesthetic value.

Note. The book was published in 1921.


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