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Coptolabrus nankototaijanus miwaiKano(Formosan False Snail-eating Ground Beetle)台灣擬食蝸步行蟲

Scientific name:Coptolabrus nankototaijanus miwaiKano
English name:Formosan False Snail-eating Ground Beetle
Chinese name:台灣擬食蝸步行蟲

The Formosan False Snail-eating Ground Beetle has a body length about 5-6 cm. It has a bright body and its head and thorax are metallic red or bluish green. Its pronotum is yellowish brown and its elytra are dark. The elytra are densely covered with long raised lines. The edge of the wings is bluish green or yellowish brown and carries metallic luster. The beetle is commonly found in the mountainous regions of Taiwan. It is listed as a rare and valuable species of conservation concern.


Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Digital Archives of Insect Collection