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Dorcus formosanus Miwa (Formosan Giant Stag Beetle) 台灣大鍬形蟲

Scientific name:Dorcus formosanus Miwa
English name:Formosan Giant Stag Beetle
Chinese name:台灣大鍬形蟲


Adult Formosan Giant Stag Beetles vary from each other considerably in body size. The males are 2.4-7.8 cm whereas the females are 3.3-4.7 cm in body length. The males’ mandible is stubby and arched with a sharp inner tooth. The front pronotum has a curved indentation. Thin lines are seen on the elytra. Outer edge of the foreleg tibia has serrate protrusions. A spike forms at the center of the median leg whereas no protrusion is visible at hind legs. Distributed in the mountainous regions of the whole, the Formosan Giant Stag Beetle is listed as a rare and valuable, endemic subspecies of conservation concern in Taiwan.


Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Digital Archives of Insect Collection