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Troides aeacus kaguya(Nakahara & Esaki)(Heng-chun Birdwing Butterfly)黃裳鳳蝶

Scientific name:Troides aeacus kaguya(Nakahara & Esaki)
English name:Heng-chun Birdwing Butterfly
Chinese name:黃裳鳳蝶

The Heng-chun Birdwing Butterfly is the large-sized swallowtail with black wings. Slightly smaller than the females, the males have wings tinted with gray color and golden hind wings with black zigzag patterns. They also have long, beige, longitudinal hairs on their abdomen. The females are larger, grayish-black in color, with wider forewings and a complex pattern of golden patches divided by black curved stripes on their hind wings. Their abdomen is black. And the fold-over part of their hind wings are without the sex mark (the long beige hairs). The Heng-chun Birdwing Butterfly lives at low elevations in Taiwan’s southeastern mountainous regions, especially in areas around Kenting. It is listed as an endangered species of conservation concern.


Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Digital Archives of Insect Collection