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Sasakia charonda formosana(Shirozu)(Large Purple Fritillary)大紫蛺蝶

Scientific name:Sasakia charonda formosana(Shirozu)
English name:Large Purple Fritillary
Chinese name:大紫蛺蝶


The Large Purple Fritillary is a large-sized fritillary with an average wingspan of 12-17 cm. The males have blackish-brown wings with white brown spots. The center of its wings carries purplish metallic sheen and white spots. The tornal areas have red spots. The backside of the wings is light grayish brown in color. The centers of forewings are blackish-brown in color, with white spots scattered. The positions of whitish-brown spots are the same on both sides of their wings. The females have larger wings that lack the metallic purplish sheen as their male counterparts.
The Large Purple Fritillary lives in the mountainous regions of central and northern Taiwan, especially in Ba-lin on Lala Mountain and Jianshi and Wufeng on Jiaoban Mountain in Taiwan, Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan, Mainland China and Korean Peninsula. The butterfly is listed as an endangered species of conservation concern.

Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Digital Archives of Insect Collection