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Balistoides conspicillum Nature Photo

Tags: Balistoides conspicillum | Big-spotted Trigger Fish | Clown Triggerfish | fish

Balistoides conspicillum, also known as Clown Triggerfish or Big-spotted Trigger Fish, mainly inhabits deep coral reef lagoons and seaward reef areas. They are usually found 50 meters under water. They are a solitary species, usually found in waters above table reefs, with strong territoriality. Feeds on sea urchins, small crustaceans, tunicates, and mollusks, among others. Distributed in the Indo-West Pacific: west to East Africa, east to Samoa, north to southern Japan, and south to New Caledonia. Also found in all waters around Taiwan except for in the strait. The Balistoides conspicillum is mostly caught with traps or driftnets and then sold at markets while still fresh. Due to toxin build-up in the food chain, eating the fish may result in food poisoning. Also kept in aquariums as ornamental fish for its lovable looks; a very popular species. (Photograph by: Chen Ching-yi, Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica; Location: Fourth Nuclear Power Plant)

Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica