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Microsorium scolopendrium (海岸星蕨)

Scientific Name:Microsorium scolopendrium (Burm.) Copel.
life form:Herb
Other:Rhizome creeping, yellow0.5 cm in diameter; scales black-brown; petiole yellowish-brown articulate at base


Habitats and Distribution
Distributed in the Ryukyus, Hainan island, to Malaysia. Taiwan, distribute in the rocks seaside of the eastern, southern, Lutao and Lanyu Island.


Life form
Pinnations no more than 8 pairs, opposite or subopposite, 2-2.5 cm broad, venation hidden, the apex acute to acuminate, pinnate costa and wing are 1.5-3 cm broad.

Sporangium arrange following the costa, exindusiate.


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