Electronic Theater Intermix in Taiwan (Playwright: Wei Ying-chuan魏瑛娟)

Born in Taipei in 1964,Ying-Chuan Wei, founded Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group and was one of the founding members of Creative Society as well. She wan her Master of Arts degree in Theatre Education from New York University and started her theatre career in 1985. She has already put more than thirty plays on stage. Most of them explored gender and social issues as well as theatrical aesthetics. Her recent works include 333 Divine Comedy—Inferno, Emily Dickinson, Crazy Scenario: A Simple Meal of Shakespeare’s Tragedies, When We Talk about Love: An Exercise of Literary Love(Second Version), A Memorandum for the Next Millennium: Action, Le Testament de Montmartre: Work Number Two of Girl Friends, Speechless, Dust of Angels, Serve Yourself: Lost a Shoe During the Trip, KiKi’s World Voyage, 666 Damnation. She has participated in Opening Ceremony of Esplanade -- Theatres on the Bay in Singapore, the 2ed International Experimental Theatre Festival, Philadelphia Dance Festival, Hong Kong Berlin Modern Culture Festival and she has performed in cities like Hong Kong, Macau, Peking, Shanghai、Pusan, Tokyo, Philadelphia, Berlin, Singapore and Shenzheng for several times. Her poems and prose can be found in various newspapers and magazines.

Shakespeare's Sisters No.2

Date of debut: 1989.03.
place of debut : Experimental Theatre, Audio-Visual Center, National Taiwan University



Le Testament de Montmartr

Date of debut: 2000.09.15
place of debut : Experimental Theatre, National Theatre



Emily Dickenson

Date of debut: 2003.06
place of debut : N/A


Six Memos for the Next Millennium

Date of debut: 2003.12.13
place of debut : North Theater, Beijing


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