Alice in Bug-land


This film was made by the Insect Museum in NTU and it transforms the achievements in insect and ecology research into a fruitful multimedia interaction production. It is not only the combination of a dream and science but also of children’s books and the world of insects which introduces children to the world of insects through illustrations and stories, combining fairy tale stories with an insect element.

Alice sees a bird that looks like a butterfly. She follows the bird and thus enters the wonderful world of insects. What marvelous insects will she see in Red-heart Forest, Diamond Castle, Spade Valley, and Club Restaurant?

•    Examiner: Wen-zhe Wu
(Professor of the Department of Entomology)
•    Chief-editor: Xu-feng Xiao
(Professor of the Department of Entomology)
•    Illustrations and text: Wen-Rong Xue
•    Publisher: National Taiwan University Press

•    Title:Alice in Bug-land
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•    Author/Producer:Editor: Shiao Shiuh-Feng Illustration: Syue Wun Rong
•    Publish Date:2006/01/01
•    Publisher:National Taiwan University Press
•    ISBN:986-00-4284-5

Department & Graduate Institute of Entomology
National Taiwan University