Valery S. de Beausset and U.S Aid to Taiwan

U.S. aid, important to Taiwan's reconstruction and economic development after the War, was facilitated under the U.S. engineering/consulting firm J.G. White Engineering Corporation. The firm helped with the necessary collaboration and supervising Taiwan's economic, industrial and societal developments. The firm's Project Manager from 1950 to 1957 was Mr. Valery Sergei de Beausset, whose story with Taiwan unfolds in the film made from National Taiwan University Library's the de Beausset Collection. The film depicts U.S. aid to Taiwan and the Project Manager de Beausset's life in the 1950s. It also describes Taiwan's economy during its post-war recovery, the background and operation of U.S. aid, Taiwan's first Four-Year Economic Development Plan, Mr. de Beausset's role in Taiwan's economic developments, and examples of U.S. aid. This documentary film, Valery S. de Beausset and U. S. Aid to Taiwan, uses U.S. aid-related documents such as 16mm color films, slides and photographs taken in the 1950s, an interview in 2005 with the 91-year-old Mr. de Beausset, interview with economic scholar, and talks with several important figures who had been exercised in the U.S. and projects. Revealing the real history of early Taiwan, this film is a testimony of a library's best use of its digital archives.


Title:Valery S. de Beausset and U.S Aid to Taiwan
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Author/Producer:supervisor: NTU Library
Publish Date:2007/5/1
Publisher:National Taiwan University Press




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