The Tan-Hsin Archive

The administrative and judicial files of Tamsui Subprefecture, Hsinchu County and Taipei Prefecture of the Qing Dynasty are known as the Tan-Hsin Archives, and are the most completely existing documents of the Prefecture and its subordinate counties of Taiwan from the early Qing Dynasty. According to the Professor Dai Yen-hui's article Introduction to Arranging the Tan-Hsin Archives of the Qing Dynasty, the Hsinchu District Court of the Japanese reign took over these documents after Taiwan was ceded to Japan in the late Qing period. Later, these documents were transferred to the Appellate Court (High Court) and afterward, given to Taihoku Imperial University's Faculty of Literature and Politics (now the college of law of the National Taiwan University) for research purposes. After the World War Ⅱ, these documents were handed over to the NTU College of Law. There after Professor Dai Yen-hui conducted a project to repair the broken documents and to rearrange all of the documents into the three major contemporary classes of the field: administration, civil affairs, and criminal laws, then subdivided them further. The three-layer classification system established by Professor Dai Yen-hui has been used in the management and the readers’ services since them.


Title:The Tan-Hsin Archive
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Publish Date:November1995 to May 2009
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