Mountains and Men of Taiwan

Whether they are Pa-tung-kuan Ancient Trail (八通關古道) or Mt. He-Huan (合歡山), Mt. Tai-Wu (太武山) or Mt. Chi-Lai (奇萊山), Mt. Pin-Tian (品田山) or Mt. Xue (雪山), the sceneries of their peaks or hillsides are all worthy of taking a picture or two. From the north to the south and from the east to the west, even to the outlying island of Kinmen, the mountains of Taiwan are near us wherever we are.

Whether it’s walking forward in one’s own shadow at sunset or feeling the silence in the winter snow, we get to experience Taiwan’s multi-faceted mountains all year round. Climbing alone, we can carry on a quiet dialogue with the mountain and admire nature’s subtle and peaceful beauty. Going in group, we can exchange food with our teammates, take care of each other, and listen to the echoes of our laughter in a valley.

Mountains keep company with generations of men. When our lives come to an end, our emotions and memories toward mountains may accompany our bodies back into them, somewhere in the clouds. (Partially translated from Chinese text written by Zhi-Xian Liao)

From Tungpu to Hualien, through the Mountains

Photographer: DaMao (大貓)
Pa-tung-kuan Ancient Trail
Wedding Veil of Mt. Jade

Photographer: DaMao (大貓)
Main peak of Mt. Jade (before sunrise)
Walking Alone

Photographer: Fang-Rong Lin (林芳榮)
Mt. He-Huan (2010)
Landscape of Kinmen: Mt. Tai-Wu and Wheat Field

Photographer: Yen-Nan (雁南)
Kinmen County

Photographer: m6686
Mt. He-Huan, Nantou County (December, 2009)
Day Lilies on Mt. Chi-Ke

Photographer: Meng-Chun Tsai (蔡孟君)
Mt. Chi-Ke, Hualien County (2005)
Walking on a Prairie, Viewing the Sea of Cloud

Photographer: Yunda
Mt. Chi-Lai South Peak (2009)

Photographer: Wen (琬)
Mt. La-La (2010)
Mt. Pin-Tian (Mt. Bu-shiou-lan)

Photographer: Xiao Guo (小郭)
From Mt. Pin-Tian to Mt. Bu-shiou-lan (2002)
Return Trip on Cliff of Mt. Pin-Tian

Photographer: Hui-Ren You (游輝任)
Mt. Pin-Tian
Nan-Hu Upper Cirque Valley

Photographer: Chun-Yen Chang (張俊彥)
Nan-Hu Upper Cirque Valley, He-Ping Township, Taichung County (2009)
Overlooking Tataka

Photographer: seanyu
Iron Chain

Photographer: seanyu
Blue Sky

Photographer: seanyu
Moaning in the Clouds

Photographer: Chung-Hao Huang (黃重豪)
Mt. He-Huan (July 13, 2002)
Rainbow on Mt. Xue

Photographer: chiahohung
Hill above 369 Inn, Mt. Xue
Watching Sunset Together

Photographer: Cheng-Han Zhong (鍾承翰)
Peak of Mt. Nan-Hua (2009)
Jumping with Joy

Photographer: Pei-Chun Jiang (姜佩君)
Peak of Mt. Hsiang-Yang (2009)
Single-seed Juniper

Photographer: White-Black Horse (黑白馬)
Dead Tree in the Morning Sun

Photographer: White-Black Horse (黑白馬)
White Woods and Grassland

Photographer: White-Black Horse (黑白馬)
Behind 369 Inn, Mt. Xue (2010)
Lonely Walker in a Mountain

Photographer: Ke-Ting Chen (陳科廷)
Central Cross-Island Highway, Sioulin Township, Hualien County (2008)
Tireless Young Aboriginal Men

Photographer: Pei-Kai Huang (黃培凱)
Mt. Nan-Hu (2009)



Text and images are provided by Exhibition of Cyber Island, Taiwan