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3D model of Dorcus schenklingi

Male adult's body length 30-85mm and female's 36-48mm. The curve of mandibles of male adult in this species is less than D. formosanus, and there's no small salient on base of mandibles. Small spines on outer edge of tibias of fore-legs. Tibias of Mid-legs & hind-legs have a middle spurs.

Distribution: throughout at altitude of 600-2000m mountains of Taiwan.
Protected species II : Rare and Valuable Species. (male image above)

Category: 3D model of insect
Chinese name: 長角大鍬形蟲
Scientific name: Dorcus schenklingi
English name: Long-fanged stag beetle
Photographer: Yi ho Liu
Author: Wei hong Lin



Department & Graduate Institute of Entomology
National Taiwan University