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Letter from Ch'ên Yin-ch'üeh to Lao Kan and Na Lien-chün Manuscript of Ch’ên Yin-ch'üeh's “Commentaries to Yüan Wei-chih's Poems of Love and Mourning (a draft of commentaries to Yüan and Pai's poetry)”[陳寅恪致勞榦那廉君函、陳寅恪撰〈元微之悼亡詩及艷詩箋證(元白詩箋證稿之一)〉手稿]

This letter is a revision of Ch'ên's work “Yüan Wei-chih's Poems of Love and Mourning.”

19th May, 1947



Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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