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The Inventory of Books and Furniture of Toho Bunka Jigyou Soukai (the Oriental Cultural Enterprise Association) is Transferred to the Institute of History and Philology from the Peking-Tientsin Office of the Ministry of Education. (教育部移交東方文化事業總會圖書傢具清冊)

This inventory explains that the persons originally in charge of transferring and accepting the inventory were Hashikawa Tokio and Shên Chien-shih, but that these positions had later been taken over by Shên Chien-Shih and Fu Ssu-nien respectively. The inventory also includes catalogues of architectural explanations, books,furniture, registers and records, etc. Finally, the inventory shows how the Institute of History and Philology came to possess the book collection of Toho Bunka Jigyou Soukai.

1st August, 1946



Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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