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Fragments of a robed and kneeling human figure (殘石人)

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One of the few examples in Shang art of representations of humans. The figure, crouching with hands on knees, bears carved patterns on its front and sides that represent clothing: a right-lapelled robe, fastened near the waist with a wide belt bearing swirl patterns, with the sleeve rims, lapel edge, and lower rim of the robe also decorated with swirls. The figure is pieced together with fragments from Tomb No. 1004 and 1217, indicating that the two tombs were looted at the same time.

Height 12.7、Length 7.5、Diameter 9.8cm,Weight after repair 1.2kg

Fill of looters’ pit, Xibeigang Tombs No. 1004 and No. 1217



Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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