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Pole ornaments with two owl heads on opposing sides (大理石雕雙鳥面管)

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R005055, R005056

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The pair of double-sided owl ornaments are the only examples of their kind from Anyang. The two pieces are identical in style, each with a beaked owl head on both the front and back sides. The owl’s plumage, ears, eyes and jaw are rendered in high relief, while its upper beak is rendered in openwork. A hole is found in the center of each piece, possibly used to attach the piece to poles or shafts.

Height 18.9、Area of Tabletop 13.5×21.4, Area of Tablebase 13.5×21.4、Hole diameter 5.5cm,Weight 7.9kg

Fill of looters’ pit, Xibeigang Tomb No. 1001



Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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