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Sculpture of a kneeling anthropomorphic figure with tiger head and claws, with vertical slot on the back (大理石虎首人身虎爪形立雕)

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This anthropomorphic figure with a tiger head, translucent and finely carved, is the finest example of marble sculpture from Anyang. With head slightly tilted upwards, mouth agape and teeth bared, the figure crouches, claw-like hands placed on its knees. The sculpture is covered with incised decorations that include dragons with bottle-horns on its arms, and vertical dragons with curved tails from its thighs to hip. Its underside is divided in two, and a vertical groove runs along its back, possibly for attaching it as an architectural ornament.

Height 37.1、Length 21.4、Diameter 26.8cm,Weight 28.5kg

Fill of looters’ pit, Xibeigang Tomb No. 1001



Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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