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Chien Basin with Copper-inlaid Battle Scenes (水陸攻戰紋鑑)

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Two almost identical items were recovered. Each of this pair of basins has a wide mouth, flat bottom, and four animal-head handles with movable rings. These vessels are decorated with diagonal cloud-and-thunder patterns along the mouth and around the belly. They are most famous for the inlaid battle scenes, which not only show various battle scenes of ancient China, but also provide important materials for the study of the history of ancient weaponry with their depiction of the halberd, spears and two-pronged lances.

771-221 B.C.

Height 29.6, diameter of mouth 54.6, diameter of foot 29.6 cm.

Tomb M1, Shan-piao-chen, Chi-hsien, Honan



Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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