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Imperial Edict in Honor of Ch’ien-lung ‘s 80th Birthday (乾隆八旬萬壽詔書)

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Emperor Ch’ien-lung reigned for six decades. Under his rule, military accomplishments and domestic achievements in art, culture, and government reached their peak. In honor of the Ten Great Campaigns fought during his reign, Emperor Ch’ien-lung wrote an essay entitled “Record of the Ten Completions“, in which he enumerated these victories. In this essay, he referred to himself as “the old man who completed the Ten Great Campaigns”. On his 80th birthday (1790 AD), a grand celebration was held, and this imperial edict was announced. Tributary countries such as Korea, Ryukyu, and Burma all sent their emissaries and tributes.

A.D.1790 Ch'ing dynasty

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Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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