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Lu-Liao site (特殊形珠)

A total of 2,339 glass beads were excavated from the Lu-Liao site, as well as a number of bead fragments. Due to the long period of burial, the surfaces of most of the glass beads showed varying degrees of bleaching. There were 24 specimens of distinctively shaped beads. Some showed petal-like segments, similar to those of a pumpkin. Some were long and segmented with holes along the edge, similar to a small bell. There were also some shaped like a small bottle and some with two or more colors.

Colors and patterns
Among the distinctively shaped beads excavated from the Luliao site, some were of single color such as red, yellow or blue. There were also beads that were black and white, as well as those with three colors, red, white and blue. Patterns included dots, swirls and lines. Based on the types and uses of glass beads among the Paiwan tribe, the uses of these beads could be conjectured. They were the largest and most uniquely shaped, but were found in very small numbers. Perhaps the distinctively shaped beads of two or more colors were placed in the center of a strand of beads worn around the neck.



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