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Since I Met You That Time-Art Song by Li Tai-Hsiang (自彼次遇到你-李泰祥)

Lin Wen-Chun (林文俊)
Lin Wen-Chun (林文俊)

I.    About this Song

Exposition of the music:
Li Tai-Hsiang said that this song has romantic and beautiful impressions, but in fact it passes on his unchanging persistence in art. The tableau was inspired by the movie “The French Lieutenant’s Woman.”  In the movie, the standing posture of Hugo’s daughter on the dock was the completion of the exploration of art by the persistence to life. With lonely and restrained singing voice, Lin Wen-Chun sang out the persistence of love.
—From the album “Since I Met You That Time”

II.    Manuscript


Handwritten original lyrics (page 1) of “Since I Met You That Time” (2001) Handwritten notes and lyrics of “Since I Met You That Time in D-flat major” (2001)


V.    Music Score

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