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Mt. Huangshan-Art Song by Li Tai-Hsiang (黃山-李泰祥)


I.    Lyrics (translated from Chinese)

Mr. Huangshan, Mt. Huangshan. You have been through so much,
Ups and downs cuased by dynastic changes?! But you still stand towering like a giant there.
Mt. Huangshan, Mt. Huangshan. You have been through so much,
Morning winds and dusk rains? But you still preserve your forever face.
Mulberry fields, has changed into seas. And seas,
Has changed into mulberry fields. But you still use your towering body.
Your green and dense forest, your strength, and your vigorous spirits,
Has won the Yellow Emperor and his later generation’s love and respect. The wounded hearts,
Receive caress from you. Travelers residing away from the nation.
Receive comforts from you. The cascading peaks,
Are motherland’s flesh and blood. The dense pines and cypress,
Are motherland’s hair and skin. Motherland’s sufferings are long and deep.
Motherland’s calamities, play again and again.
The forever Mt. Huangshan. You still smile to the world of mortals.
The never old Mt. Huangshan. You are still quiet and serene.
When will the strong wind stop blowing? When will the big rain stop falling?
At the end of the darkness night Is daybreak. Look.
There is a golden bird in the deep sea of clouds. His wings are giant roc’s wings.
Listen. Inside the wounded blood and flesh, there is a beating heart.
His pulses are Mt. Huangshan’s clouds.
Clouds in Mt. Huangshan. Clouds in Mt. Huangshan.
In the beatings of the heart, the Yellow Emperor’s descendants gather together.
Gather together. Gather together.
The wings of roc. The wings of roc, is flying high in the sky of the motherland.

Lyrics written by Ma Sen (馬森)

黃山啊黃山 經過了多少啊
易朝換代的風雨 你仍然屹立在那裡
黃山啊黃山 遭受了多少啊
晨風與暮雨 你仍保持了永駐的容顏
桑田啊 已化作了滄海 滄海啊
又化作了桑田 你仍以你的崢嶸
你的蒼茂 你的勁拔 你的雄渾
贏得皇帝子孫的孺慕與眷戀 受創的心靈
從你那裡得到了愛撫 離國的遊子
從你那裡獲得了慰安 疊疊的嚴峰啊
是故國的血肉啊 層層的松柏啊
是故國的髮膚 故國的苦難啊 深又長
故國的災禍啊 一回回重演又重演
永駐的黃山啊 你仍對人間含笑
不老的黃山啊 你仍沈默而安祥
勁風何能終日吹 驟雨何能終朝落
黑夜盡頭 是黎明 看啊
雲海深處有一隻金色的鳥 他的翅膀就是大鵬的翼
聽啊 受傷的血肉裡 有一顆跳動的心
黃山的雲 黃山的雲
在心的搏跳中 黃帝子孫凝聚在一起
凝聚在一起 凝聚在一起
大鵬的翼 大鵬的翼 飛翔在故國山河的高空裡 

Tang Hsiao-Shih (唐曉詩)


Li Chien-Fu (李建復)

II.    About this Song

Exposition of the music:
The music has two versions; one was the work performed by Tang Hsiao-Shih and a chorus in 1982; the other was the solo sung by Li Chien-Fu in 1990. In the music, Li Tai-Hsiang deliberately introduced in electronic organ to imitate Bandi’s (bamboo flute’s) tone color and incubate maternally miserable atmosphere and the sincere feelings about the deep and secluded valley and fragrant grass in homeland. And simple and abstract drum beats are just like human’s heartbeats; when the drum is vertically and strongly beaten, it also has the humane symbolization of external power invasion. The vocal chant tells the story step by step from the indistinct melody of electronic organ and resolute rhythm of drum beats. At first hearing, it is somewhat difficult; however, after continuing to listen to the music, you will feel the voice is around the ears.
—From “Climb Another Mountain Peak”

III.    Manuscript

Handwritten first draft (page 1) of
“Mt. Huangshan in B minor” (1982)  
Copied handwritten note (page 1) of
“Mt. Huangshan” (1982)


To view the story of Li Tai-Hsiang, please go to Li Tai-Hsiang, the Native Musician of Taiwan.
Text and images are provided by The Native Musician of Taiwan-Tai-Hsiang Li Digital Archive, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan