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The Sacrifice to God: Coming-of-age Song-Symphony by Li Tai-Hsiang (大神祭:成人之歌-李泰祥)

The Sacrifice to God: Song of Grown-ups

The Sacrifice to God: Frolic Song

I.    About this Song

Summary / Story:
To celebrate abundant harvests (Frolic dance)
Each June after abundant harvest,
Young men will gather at the altar of Balaguan to accept initiation rite.
From current status, everyone is going into a new stage of growth.
They need to modestly accept the elders’ flogging and teaching; that is an education for tempering stamina.
By this method, each generation passes on the spirit of brave warrior.
Every newly grown-up follows warrior’s standard;
They compete in martial skills and fighting force, learn skills of hunting and fishing.
They also dance to celebrate growing up and hold singing competitions;
So as to stimulate the potential for creation and contemplation.
The whole process is sacred and majestic, lively and humorous.

II.    Manuscript

Handwritten manuscript (page 1) of “The Sacrifice to God: Coming-of-age Ceremony” (1986)    Handwritten manuscript (page 2) of “The Sacrifice to God: Coming-of-age Ceremony” (1986)


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