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The Sacrifice to God: Song of Teaching-Symphony by Li Tai-Hsiang (大神祭:教導之歌-李泰祥)
The Sacrifice to God: Song of Teaching

I.    About this Song

They say that,
Niaolao, the elder with white beard reaching ground, was 150 years old already.
One day before he died, the Great God Wamaao appeared in his dream and told him:
Wagan (the Sun) and Wama (the Moon) were both the Great God’s children.
Therefore, the two nations were in fact from the same family; they were brothers of the state.
However, because of the competition for the position of the Great God’s chief priest which symbolizes unlimited authority, the two nations fought endless wars in the past one hundred and fifty years.
“You should stop hatred and live together in peace. The Great God’s chief priest from now on can be served by turns.
For this term, Shaman Eugene will act as the priest until the end of this year.”
After saying these words, Elder Niaolao folded arms across his chest to give blessings to all and slowly walked to the deep sea.
And then, all the people joyfully sang sacred song of great love and watched Niaolao sink into the sea.

II.    Manuscript

Electronic manuscript (page 4) of “The Sacrifice to God: Praying Song” (2002)    Electronic manuscript (page 5) of “The Sacrifice to God: Praying Song” (2002)


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