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Cloudy Sky-Symphony by Li Tai-Hsiang (天黑黑-李泰祥)

I.    Lyrics (translated from Chinese)

The sky was cloudy, it was going to rain. Grandpa brought a hoe to farm and wanted to dig taros.
Dug, dug, dug. Dug, dug, dug, He dug a slick loach. I-A-Hei-Do, it was really funny.
Grandpa wanted it to be cooked in salty way; grandma wanted it to be cooked in insipid way; the two then started to fight and broke the cooking pot.
I-A-Hei-Do, Lang-Dang- Qi-Dang-Qiang, Wa-ha-ha. Wah-ha-ha.
Broke the pot, broke the pot. I-A-Hei-Do, Lang-Dang- Qi-Dang-Qiang, Wa-ha-ha. Wah-ha-ha.

Anonymous lyric writer (無名作者)

天黑黑 欲落雨 阿公仔夯鋤頭仔欲掘芋
掘啊掘 掘啊掘 掘著一尾辿鰡鼓 咿呀嘿都真正趣味
阿公仔欲煮鹹 阿媽欲煮汫 兩人相打弄破鼎
咿呀嘿都啷噹叱噹嗆 哇哈哈
阿公仔欲煮鹹 阿媽欲煮汫 兩人相打弄破鼎
咿呀嘿都啷噹叱噹嗆哇哈哈 哇哈哈
弄破鍋弄破鼎 咿呀嘿都啷噹叱噹嗆 哇哈哈 哈哈哈哈

Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam


Conducted by Li Tai-Hsiang (李泰祥指揮)


Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam


II.    About this Song

Summary / Story:
The theme of “Cloudy Sky” is an old couple’s miff in rural society. The music conversation is in fact self-ridicule for difficult life with humorous and bantering attitudes. It is sorrowful but also a wise self-comfort to look for excuse for difficult life. In drizzling Jinguashi, it came indistinctly sounds of noises. As it turned out, grandpa and grandma were quarreling about the cooking tastes, salty or insipid, of a loach that they were going to cook…. The song, “Cloudy Sky”, came from doggerel in Jinguashi. The local rainy weather condition, farmers’ fertile imagination and optimistic and entertaining characteristics are integrated into this collaborative work, i.e. a chant that has pronounced local flavor and is catchy for kids.

III.    Manuscript

Handwritten symphony manuscript of “Cloudy Sky” for horn (1978)    Handwritten symphony manuscript (page 1) of “Cloudy Sky” for violoncello and contrabass (1979)    Handwritten symphony manuscript (page 2) of “Cloudy Sky” for violoncello and contrabass (1979)


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Text and images are provided by The Native Musician of Taiwan-Tai-Hsiang Li Digital Archive, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan