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The Girl Dancing in the Sun-Song by Li Tai-Hsiang (lyrics from poetry) (晨禱(舞在陽光下的女孩)-李泰祥)

I.    Lyrics (translated from Chinese)

A girl dancing in the sun, the wind blows over her hair and skirt.
You step on the wave and come, step on flowers to leave, dance in the sun.
The ocean is your blue dream; your eyes are virgin forests.
There are birds chirping, creek flowing, and also fogs that make people lose their ways
Whoever comes in can never come out; it is on your face.
A plateful of the Spring, a plateful of music, a plateful of love.
Going around and turning into echoes of laughter in the sun.

Lyrics written by Lo Men (羅門)


Tang Hsiao-Shih (唐曉詩)

II.    About this Song

Exposition of the music:
The song was composed from Lo Men’s poem. Through written words, Lo Men described girl’s rhythm and dynamic sense in the sun. And Li Tai-Hsiang chose to use gypsy-styled melody and tonality; he used music to present the girl in sight is going around and dancing in nature, just like a dancing fairy.

III.    Manuscript

Handwritten first edition manuscript (page 1) of “The Girl Dancing in
the Sun in B minor” for orchestra (1982)  
Handwritten revised manuscript (page 1) of “The Girl Dancing in the Sun in A minor” for orchestra (1982)    Handwritten manuscript (page 1) of “The Girl Dancing in the Sun in A minor” (1982)


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Text and images are provided by The Native Musician of Taiwan-Tai-Hsiang Li Digital Archive, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan