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Catalogue of the Zhonghua Dazang Jing 《中華大藏經》經錄

Two voluminous tripitakas are under compiling and editing. One of them will be published by the Zhonghua Book Company, China. This edition intends to include the tripitakas of all languages found in China. The Chinese section is divided into three parts. Based on the Zhao Cheng Jin Tripitaka, supplemented with Tripitaka Koreana, and recensed according to 8 significant canons, the first part contains Buddhist writings about 2000 types of sutra and over 10000 fascicles that were numbered according to the Thousand Characters Classic. The second part, the sequel collection, similar to the first part in size, contains writings that were not numbered according to the Thousand Characters Classic. The main and the sequel collections together add up to 220 volumes. The third part consists of missing Buddhist canons and contemporary translations and compositions, 160 volumes of which have been published.
The second voluminous tripitaka being compiled is from the Taiwan Zhonghua Tripitaka Society (established in 1956). About 30 Chinese tripitaka published since the Song dynasty will be collected to be published in one book of five parts:
1. Qisha Tripitaka, 100 hard-bound volumes
2. Jiaxing Tripitkaka, 80 hard-bound volumes
3. Manji Tripitaka, main and sequel, 120 hard-bound volumes
4. Supplementary volumes, collecting those scattered around in foreign countries, 230 hardbound volumes
5. Sequels, contemporary Buddhist works in about 230 hard-bound volumes
However, in 1975, the compiling process ceased after the second part was published. It is until recently that the Taiwan Zhonghua Tripitaka Society prepares to continue the project. The database contains the catalogue of the Zhonghua Tripitaka.

Digital Database of Buddhist Tripitaka Catalogues,
Dharma Drum Buddhist College


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