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Catalogue of the Manji Tripitaka Sequel 《卍續藏經》經錄
After the Manji Tripitaka (Wan Zheng Zang Jing) was published, the Japan Tripitaka Publishing House determined to collect and publish those not-yet-included Buddhist canons across China and Japan. This project was carried out under the direction of Maeda Eun, and entrusted to Nakano Tatsue. Their fruits yielded this Manji Tripitaka Sequel (Wan Xu Zang Jing), alternatively named Sequel Pitaka (Xu Zang) or The Buddhist Canons Sequel by the Publishing House. It includes un-collated expositions and lost writings of the Six dynasties (222-589 A.D.), Tang, Song, and Qing dynasties. The project won great support from many monks and lay followers, such as Yang Wenhui from Jinling Scriptural Press, and Master Shiding from Lushan Temple. This sequel was published during 1905 to 1912, gathering translations by over 950 people that amount to 7143 fascicles (5 on table of contents). The content falls into 10 categories and 63 chapters. In total there are 151 sets, 5 volumes a set, 1 of which being the table of contents. The texts were formatted in the same way as with Manji Tripitaka (Wan Zheng Zang Jing), made with paper size 182 x 196 (mm), bound with strings, and printed with size 4 lead characters. Nevertheless, this sequel was burnt together with Wan Zheng Zang Jing; few were left until today. The database contains the index of the sequel.

Digital Database of Buddhist Tripitaka Catalogues
Dharma Drum Buddhist College

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