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Spring Breeze

Oil painting, 116.5 x 80 cm, 1953

The girl portrayed in “Spring Breeze” is the same young woman as in “Lady in White,” a painting in the collection of Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Ms. Li Mei-kui was in her 20s at the time and was employed by Sanhsia Farmers’ Association. “Lady in White” portrays her gentle gracefulness whereas “Spring Breeze” shows off her bright smile. The confident but a little shy smile bares warmth like spring breeze, the name of the painting. The renowned Taiwanese artist Li Mei-shu (1902-1983) outlined the painting with strokes, retaining an attractive and youthful grace which illuminates the happy life of Taiwanese people. Impressionist artists like to bring out a realistic perspective to illustrate the cozy and content lifestyle of the middle-class. Li’s artworks in this period also show the same characteristics of the middle class: fashionable, elegant, and poised.

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Text and image are provided by The Li Mei-shu Memorial Gallery