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Rhina ancylostoma 波口鱟頭鱝


Scientific Name:    Rhina ancylostoma         
Nomenclater:    Bloch & Schneider, 1801
Family:    F045  Rhinidae
Holotype-Locality:    Coromandel, India
Economic Fish:     No
Habitats Depth:    1 - 50 M      
Aquarium Fish:     No
Poisonous Fish:    No      
Edible Fish:     No
Synonyms:    Rhina anclyostoma, Rhina ancylostomus, Rhina cyclostomus, Squatina ancyclostoma  
Reference:      朱元鼎 編 1985 沈世傑 編 Shih-Chieh Shen ed. 1993 
Redlist Status:    IUCN Redlist: Vulnerable(VU)  
Common Name in Engulish:    Shortnose mud skate; Shark ray; Bow-mouthed angel fish; Bowmouth guitarfish; Mud skate
Chinese Name transliteration:    bo kou hou tou fen, yuan li tou yao, fan chih sha, fang zai
Distribution in Taiwan:    West、South、PonFu  
Distribution in World:    
Max Lenth:     270 cm
Specimen List:     ASIZP0057499. ASIZP0069357. FRIP03309. FRIP22102. NMMBP04306. NMMBP06581. NTMP0631. NTUM01596. NTUM04308.        


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