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Type:     Multiplexing Equipments
Maker:     TAISEL
Place Made:     Taiwan
SIZE:     L44.8* W30.6* H40cm
Function/Purpose:     PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) is used for converting the 24 types of analog voice signals into digital signals T1 (1.544Mbps, containing only 0 & 1) by the three-step process of sampling, quantization and encoding. It is applied in relay/low speed special lines and data circuits among different analog telephone exchanges (Written by YE, MAO-CHUAN).
Characteristics:     It was invented by Britain Alec H. Reeve in the laboratory of France International Telephone and Telegraph Company in 1937. Afterwards, Bell Labs of AT&T launched a practical T1 PCM system in 1962 (Written by YE, MAO-CHUAN).


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