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Type:     Multiplexing Equipments
Place Made:     U. S. A.
Date Made:     1960
SIZE:     L26* W26* H29cm
Function/Purpose:     In the 1960s, before satellite communication was developed, this triode was the powerful magnifying component of the transmitter set installed in the coastal radio station. Its main function is to magnify the lower power radio frequency signal into 3000 watts by class C modulation and then transmit it through the antenna. Being reflected by the ionosphere, the radio wave can travel all over the world including Asia, Europe, and America, building communication between Taiwan and ships sailing every ocean.
Characteristics:     1. When a positive voltage is applied on the plate, a closed circuit in the tube will be formed. When a negative voltage is applied on the plate, an open circuit in the tube will be formed. 2. Equipped with metal radiation fins.3. Capable of frequency detection: deleting the negative part of an AC wave to form a pulse DC wave.


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