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Type:    Client Equipments
Place Made:    Germany
Date Made:    1900
SIZE:    L24* W14* H20cm
Function/Purpose:    Before communicating, the user has to strenuously crank the handle on the right side to generate electric current by electromagnetic induction. This allows the user to communicate the name of the receiver to the operator in the telecom equipment room .The operator will then use a plug cord to connect the caller and the receiver. The long-handle type microphone is hung on the left side and the receiver is the circular component fastened to the center of the telephone body. The electric current needed for communication is supplied by the batteries in the telephone. These batteries should be renewed every 3 months. Telephones were rare in the early days. Generally speaking, only governments and prominent merchants could afford them.
Characteristics:    A hand-operated, magnetic telephone with a microphone and a receiver.


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