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Type:    Client Equipments
Place Made:    Taiwan
Date Made:    1987
SIZE:    L27* W16* H50cm
Function/Purpose:    1. Used for long distance (domestic and international), and local calls.2.NT1, 5 and 10 dollar coins accepted. 3.Single slot, storing coins for any combination of these three coins, maximum coin storing number is 5.4.Metering and accepting coins during communication for collecting fees.5. Push-button type multi-tone dial disk.6.Minimum user loss principle is followed for collecting fees, remaining sum reusable.7.Controlled by a single chip microprocessor with malfunction self-diagnostic function.8.Reverse polarity metering signal accepted.9. LCD display indicating the amount of money stored in coin acceptor.10.Types of calls: local calls, long distance calls, free calls (113、118、112、123), receiving calls, call with remaining sum, emergency calls (110、119).
Characteristics:    The main features of this telephone are shown as the following: 1. Single slot for NT1, 5, and 10 dollar coins.2. Five digit LCD display, which can indicate the money inserted and show the remaining sum along with the calling time to remind the user to insert coins again. “Out of Service” message for a malfunction and associated symbols and fonts for troubleshooting while repairing and testing are offered.3. Reset button (blue) for recalling the busy line or calling with the remaining sum without hanging up the handset and inserting coins again.4. Test buttons are used for testing the functions of the telephone’s facilities (coin acceptor, money box, push button disk, hook contacts, reset button, LCD display, and emergency call button)5. In order to avoid or minimize the loss of coins inserted, a reasonable way for collecting fees is adopted—pre-paid for small coins inserted and post-paid for large or a mixture of large and small coins inserted.6. With a smaller size than the old type, this telephone can be installed on the narrow columns of buildings in order to increase the installation rate and convenience of use.7. Single chip microprocessor for control circuits to improve performances.8. Coin discriminator is installed on the coin acceptors in order to sift coins according to their materials, size, and weight, by electronic identification and mechanical coin release functions.9. Coin acceptors possess storing function which can allow inserting 10 consecutive coins.10. The lock on the lower access door for the money box is created with 100,000 different securing settings.11. After the money box is drawn from the telephone, the coin entrance will be closed section by section. The money box cover has been equipped with a reset button which can display the setting condition –excellent burglarproof and anti-fraud performances.

Text and images are provided by National Science and Technology Museum