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Trigoniulus corallinus (Gervais, 1842)







The Rusty Millipede (Trignoiulus corallinus) is a medium to large-sized millipede commonly found in central Taiwan (and in other areas as well). The body is brick red in color with pale black bands on the sides. The adult grows up to 5cm in length and can often be found in dead leaves and low rock walls around the botanical garden at dawn or in the evening. Individuals are also frequently sighted crossing paved paths. Their relatively large size means they are easy to see so squashed Rusty Millipedes are a common sight in the morning. The Rusty Millipede however is quite harmless and is in fact a beneficial insect that helps break down dead leaves into organic soil for plants. The Rusty Millipede usually breeds in summer around July and August. During this time, they can often be found mating in shady areas near rocks or stone walls at dawn or in the evening. Though not rare, the species was only formally recorded and classified in Taiwan by Dr. Zoltan Korsos in 2004.

National Museum of Natural Science